Bug:WaitOnFileExStep, IncludeOldFiles


I'm not sure what is the intended behaviour, but if I set IncludeOldFiles option on then following happens in Execute method:
if ((Directory.GetFiles(Path).Length > 0) && (IncludeOldFiles == "Y")){ // Set newFilename and newFilePath with the earliest file string[] items = Directory.GetFileSystemEntries(Path, "*.xml"); foreach (string item in items) { context.Add("DetectedFileFullName", item, true); context.Add("DetectedFileName",System.IO.Path.GetFileName(item), true); break; } return;}

-FileFilter option is not used when finding files from the folder, only xml files are accepted
-Execute method then returns in any case, whether it found a file or not (doesn't use FileSystemWatcher, skips Delete option)