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(just in case you are bored and want to see what has transpired in the past)

22-Aug-2008: Extensions 2.3 and Roadmap (updated 15th September 2008)
As we mentioned earlier, Extensions no longer redistributes the source code for the core BizUnit steps. Extensions v2.3 is an interim release which does not add any functionality beyond the previous 2006 v2 release but (as a result of removing the core engine) loses the entlib logging functionality. The steps have also been refactored into different assemblies in keeping with BizUnit 2.3's emphasis on separating out steps into TestStepLibraries. This release intends to set the tone for BizUnit 3.0 which is now in RC1 and has some great new functionality. Check that out and watch this space for a complementary release of Extensions 3.0.

26-Apr-2007 Important Upcoming Changes
Now that BizUnit is active again, we are working with Kevin on incorporating some of the changes made to the core (including some bugfixes) into the upcoming release of BizUnit. When that new release is finally available, the Extensions project will no longer re-distribute the core to avoid any clashes and confusion. Hopefully the changes to the core that were required for some of the extensions will be retained so the extensions project doesnt break.

BizUnit has had some structural changes recently and the main engine and regular steps (event log, file steps etc) are separated out from Biztalk specific steps and "TestStepLibraries" are being used to pull together steps specific to external systems such as MQSeries, Outlook and so on. With this approach, I think Extensions will also become a test Step library and everything that we release for WCF, WF and so on will become test step libraries.

There are some open discussions on how extensions and core can work together on the main BizUnit page and in the BizUnit discussion forums so please weigh in on these discussions and let us know your thoughts. I'm also putting the roadmap features into a set of work items so people can vote on these and i can focus on whats the most popular features.

21-Feb-2007 V2006_R1 Production
Theres been a minor update. No code has been changed but on loading the source into a new machine without connectivity to TFS we noticed that the SourceSafeBindingRemover tool had introduced an extra ">" symbol at the end of the proj files and the solution refused to load any of the projects. Wonder why no one noticed it in 50 downloads!! (maybe you are all using the binaries?) Anyway, i probably shouldnt have used that tool to remove the bindings because if you just open as-is, VS2005 will complain that it cannot find the TFS server and will remove your bindings.

So here it is, a cleaner source. Grab it from the releases page.

11-Jan-2007 V2006R1 Release Candidate
Happy New Year to you all. Both the main contributors to this project ended up ill over Christmas so it took a really long time to get this out the door, but the release candidate for V2006 R1 is now live. Grab it from the releases page. Just one thing to note: You require EntLib v2.0 for some of the steps, or if you wish to compile the source code (the binaries are in the bin folder and in another folder named References so you can repoint them if you have any issues in VS. However take note that if you dont actually install EntLib you will run into some perf counter errors.

If this is causing too much of a problem, let us know and we will move the EntLib steps into a separate assembly, but generally speaking, you should be able to get by without invoking any EntLib steps, but do send us feedback and we will see how best to make use of entlib while keeping the core as lightweight as possible.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and that the New Year is a good one too. For all those who have been waiting patiently for the 2006 version, dont give up hope. Its nearly done. Took a while to port our fixes in the core codebase to 2006 taking care not to overwrite Kevins features and migrate the extensions steps, but thats nearly done. I've also revised the AltovaXml utility and made that into a proper step instead of expecting it to be used with DotNetObjectInvoker. The Oracle stuff has been moved into a separate library. Is anyone out there using the Pop3 and the outlook steps? do write back and tell me if you are. I think its preferable to keep those completely separate but for the life of me i couldnt figure out what the entry point into those classes is!!

Update to the R1 BETA release. Now instead of the multiple MSI's, the source code is packaged in a simple zip file and the bindings to source control have been removed. This should make this easier to use in your own directory structures. Also note that the Altova XML package has been removed from this download although it is still a pre-requisite to compile the package. If you do not wish to use AltovaXMl remove the step from your copy of the source code.

R1 BETA has now been released. Refer to the Releases Index page to get an idea of the contents. Check it out and let me know if the install works fine and the tests run on your machine. Please read through the page on Tests Disclaimers in the Releases Index before you run the tests.

The beta release is imminent. Just working through some issues with making the
unit tests independent of project specific stuff. Theres now a New Steps on 2004 Alpha page indicating what you can expect with the 2004 release which will also be migrated into the 2006 version along with additional steps from Gar MacCriosta.

The project has just been created and the home page has been setup. No releases yet. The first tutorial currently has a home on CodeProject and will be copied here soon.

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