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BizUnit is a test framework that is intended to test integration solutions. Although primarily used for testing Biztalk solutions, BizUnit has a number of libraries addressing different products not just BizTalk. Refer to the main workspace for more details on how BizUnit works.

This project, BizUnitExtensions is a community "Contrib" project providing test step libraries to enhance the reach of BizUnit. It is not a fork of the core BizUnit code base.
All the Extension steps are contained in separate assemblies (and the corresponding namespace is BizUnit.Extensions.<TargetProduct>). These assemblies depend on main BizUnit assembly as well as any other third party product they address (such as EntLib).You can simply drop the extensions assemblies into your runtime folders and use them.

General Project Status (12-Aug-2010) :*

As you may have noticed (!) there hasnt been activity in terms of updates and fixes since Dec-09.The latest release is basically a recompile of the latest source code (refer to the release notes for details) . The lack of activity is primarily down to the fact that for the past 18 months I have had to use a custom test framework on a very large client project and so havent had any occasion to actually use BizUnit. I did write some snippets early on in the project when we hadnt settled on the test strategy and have finally made them available with the latest drop. The snippets should save some time in writing steps. There are some snippets of entire test cases (such as using MQSeries to pull data). Do send feedback on whether these are working for you.

What's Next?
(1) An quick release upgrading to the latest BizUnit core, .NET 3.5, EntLib 4.1 (v5 would be too much to take on now)
(2) A point releasing incorporating fixes and other patches that folks have suggested in the forums
(3) Beyond this, I am discussing with Kevin the possibility of merging Extensions into the main distribution so that it becomes a one stop shop for the community. This will happen when BizUnit 4 (the XAML version) is released (or shortly after) . It is quite likely that I will also drop the EntLib support at this time as the only thing that uses EntLib is the database and logging and by changing to a provider model, if anyone wants to use EntLib as a provider, they can plugin a custom class that makes use of EL.

Whats In the Box?

This is the current set of libraries. Check out the documentation tab for more information.
  • BizUnit.Extensions - General Steps such as DotNetObjectInvokerEx, SoapHttpRequestResponseEx, XmlPokeStep etc.
  • BizUnit.Extensions.BizTalk - Application ConductorStep, MapExecutingStep etc.
  • BizUnit.Extensions.EntLib - EntLib based DBQueryStep, DatabaseDeleteStep etc
  • BizUnit.Extensions.Oracle - OracleDBQueryStep.

Target BizTalk Version(s): BizUnitExtensions 3.x (and BizUnit 3.x) target BizTalk Server 2006 and upwards. The BizTalk steps make use of the ApplicationName and so they cannot be used with BizTalk 2004. Old releases of both projects would be able to support BizTalk 2004, however features such as the object model (strong typed usage), bug fixes etc will not be available. Additionally, there have been changes to code structure, namespaces, partitioniong of steps into different assemblies etc which will not be available in older versions. If you want to use it with BizTalk 2004, then you will need to modify the source to ignore the Biztalk application name and adjust the code accordingly.

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